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u right tho..white privilege just some tumblr bullshit..def. not applicable in the real world..damn


I just started working as a teacher and I made friends with one of my school’s security guards, Jonathan Anderson. He told me he did fantasy and sci fi artwork, but when he sent me these I was completely blown away! He did the line drawings while is friend colored them in photoshop. He calls this series “Medieval Avengers.” I got his permission to post them on Tumblr because I thought you guys would love them a whole lot. He unfortunately doesn’t have a website I can link you to, but he’s shown me a lot of his other work so I know this is definitely his! Aren’t they amazing???

Thousands of Secret KGB Espionage Documents Are Now Available to the Public


The papers contain names of spies, descriptions of secret weapons and detailed plots against western nations! Danger and thrilling escapades! Seriously fun to read.

If female fans are dismissed more easily, then so are their interests, their spaces, and their primary forms of engagement. Or, said differently, gender discrimination occurs on the level of the fan, the fan activity, and the fannish investment. There is a ready truism that enthusiasm for typically male fan objects, such as sports and even music, are generally accepted whereas female fan interests are much more readily mocked. Likewise, fangirls are mocked as is fan fiction, an activity more commonly ascribed to females. More than that, affect and forms of fannish investment get policed along gender lines, so that obsessively collecting comic books or speaking Klingon is more acceptable within and outside of fandom than creating fan vids or cosplaying. Even the same behavior gets read differently when women do it: sexualizing celebrities, for example, is accepted and expected among men but gets quickly read as inappropriate when done by women.


Makoto Ending

This is a continuation of the Monthly Free! Crossover.
You can see the first part here.
I’ll be adding different Endings of who Nozaki and Mikoshiba pair Haru with.
Different endings: Pool, Rin, Makoto
True Ending is Rin and Makoto