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Skara Brae

Northern Europe’s best-preserved Neolithic village

The Neolithic village of Skara Brae was discovered in the winter of 1850. Wild storms ripped the grass from a high dune known as Skara Brae, beside the Bay of Skaill, and exposed an immense midden (refuse heap) and the ruins of ancient stone buildings. The discovery proved to be the best-preserved Neolithic village in northern Europe. And so it remains today.

Skara Brae was inhabited before the Egyptian pyramids were built, and flourished for centuries before construction began at Stonehenge. It is some 5,000 years old. But it is not its age alone that makes it so remarkable and so important. It is the degree to which it has been preserved. The structures of this semi-subterranean village survive in impressive condition. So, amazingly, does the furniture in the village houses. Nowhere else in northern Europe are we able to see such rich evidence of how our remote ancestors actually lived.

The profound importance of this remarkable site was given official recognition in 1999 when it was inscribed upon the World Heritage List as part of the Heart of Neolithic Orkney World Heritage Site.

The houses

All the houses are well-built of closely-fitting flat stone slabs. They were set into large mounds of midden (household refuse) and linked by covered passages. Each house comprised a single room with a floor space of roughly 40sq m. The ‘fitted’ stone furniture within each room comprised a dresser, where prized objects were probably stored and displayed, two box-beds, a hearth centrally placed and small tanks set into the floor, perhaps for preparing fish bait. 

The artefacts

A rich array of artefacts and ecofacts has been discovered during the various archaeological excavations. They include gaming dice, hand tools, pottery and jewellery (necklaces, beads, pendants and pins). Most remarkable are the richly carved stone objects, perhaps used in religious rituals. The villagers were farmers, hunters and fishermen, capable of producing items of beauty and sophistication with rudimentary technology. No weapons have been found and the settlement was not in a readily defended location, suggesting a peaceful life.

Most of the artefacts are now on view in the visitor centre, a short walk away.

The end of village life

Village life appears to have ended around 2,500 BC. No one knows why. Some argue that it was because a huge sandstorm engulfed their houses, others that it was more gradual. As village life came to an end, new monuments were beginning to rise up on mainland Orkney, including most importantly the chambered tomb at Maes Howe and the impressive stone circles at the Ring of Brodgar and Stenness.

TEXT (c) Historic Scotland who manage the site.

Fuller details can be found at

Good luck and maybe I’ll see you there!

Thanks! If you’re free Friday at 4, I’ll be at the PacRim photoshoot (Hilton staircases to the right). Otherwise, maybe I’ll see you among the 60k people.

How Many '90s Foods Have You Tried?


Just remember, this is nostalgic snack food for a good chunk of the Shatterdome.

It’s kind of embarrassing how many jingles I sang in my head when I scrolled through.

Ugh, man, Crystal Pepsi. That shit was VILE. (But EctoCooler was really good. Or was to 12-year-old me, god knows I had no taste back then.)

8 days until we leave for dragoncon, and this is the state of our costumes.

8 days until we leave for dragoncon, and this is the state of our costumes.




Am I the only one who noticed every time people see things like these:




They always get mad, and say pictures like these are degrading to women, push stereotypes about females, are misogynistic, and the whole lot.

Butwhen pictures like these pops up:



NOBODY SAYS A DAMN THING!11 (and this goes for pictures of real life girls/boys) 

Ima let people answer this.



That little #truth just made me laugh so hard I can’t help myself. Let’s find all the ways this is in fact #false.

Let’s start with the art itself. The anatomy in fan service of women is generally laughable, with ridiculously exaggerated tits and ass, and unnaturally contorted bodies to highlight said anatomy. The women are simultaneously infantilized, with extremely young-looking features. Those two male pictures you chose to post have, to my admittedly amateurish eye, have pretty solid anatomy. If you want to chose a real commercial anime instead of fan art, let’s go with Free!, which is the go-to anime of you so-called “equalists” claiming that fan service is just as bad of a problem on both sides. I admit, the camera does linger lovingly on their… *ahem* anatomies, but at the same time, they are quite realistically drawn.


Real Olympic swimmers


Free! characters.

Sorry, where was I?

Oh, right.

Continuing on…

I’m no stranger to the harem or fan service genres. I’ve subjected myself to a fair share and even liked a few. But even in the ones with redeeming qualities, a disproportionate amount of the humor is about humiliating the girls, subjecting them to unwanted sexual attention or even sexual assault, or just a voyeuristic stare. It’s fucking dumb for a ninja to be running around in next to nothing.  In the less redeemable ones, i.e. most of them, the characters are shallow stereotypes who are little more than a pair of walking tits. In Free!, they’re swimmers. Of course they’re going to be wearing swimsuits. Plus, they’re all written like human beings with inner lives and motivations that aren’t just “Wheeee! Boobs!!!” (or “wheeee! pecs!” as the case may be)


And then there’s the unequal status of women in society? Like, how women are perceived as decoration and objects of male pleasure and are treated as such??? And men???? Are treated like fully formed human beings????? With functions other than sex and child-rearing???????

So, in short, fuck you.

For those of you that have never dealt with riot cops



I know most of you are following me because of video game stuff so this is gonna be the only thing I say about the shit that is going down I promise.

The police do some things nationwide when it comes to peaceful protests.

1. This is the most important one for here NO ONE GIVES A FUCK ABOUT TUMBLR WHEN THIS SHIT IS GOING DOWN. No cops are checking tumblr no protestors are checking tumblr. I am writing this guide for people who are here on tumblr to understand that the tactics that are being used are the same ones that have been used for the past 20 plus years on every peaceful protest.

2. Dispersal orders will be given as if they have been said more than once and then acted upon immediately. This is to allow them to kick the shit out of you and then claim it’s your fault for not following orders.

3. “Less lethal force” methods will be used. Less Lethal is not “non-lethal” the police do not have access to those things. Less lethal force includes tear gas, pepper spray, rubber bullets, flash bangs and bean bag shotguns. These can kill but are designed to do as little damage as possible. The police however will use them in ways to cause lethal damage. The equipment will be used in intentionally dangerous ways to increase the fear factor.

4. The police will use every means possible to create fear in the protestors. Most people who go to these kinds of protests have never been to one before in their life. Most people have never had a gun pointed at them especially by a cop. Most of the time when someone is threatening you you think to call the police but when the police are the ones causing the threat then you get a sinking feeling.

5. If there is no one filming there is no evidence of what happened. That means that if they want to start beating people up first thing they have to do is get the media and the people with livestreaming capabilities out of the way. THE MEDIA WILL BE TARGETED SPECIFICALLY they will later be counted as collateral damage.

6. After clearing the media and doing what they do they will then blame it on the protestors. “They were violent.” “Planting bombs we had to stop them.” “They were on drugs.” etc etc. People believe police officers over the word of the average citizen. They will spin it so the protestors look like demons.

7. If violence does not stop the protestors then provocateurs will be used. A provocateurs is an undercover police officer that is “sent in to know what the protestors are up to” but really are there to start anti-police violence that the police will later use to justify their actions. I’ve had one once attempt to get me to set police cars on fire. If you see someone making the protestors look violent or unreasonable you might want to consider if they are a provocateur.

8.The president will be sad that the events are happening but will not do much more than offer his condolences. This will happen even while the UN is asking for intervention.

9. The media will spin the story as that the only things they have to go on are the words of the police since most of the time they are to lazy to interview protestors. Fox news will make the protestors seem like gangsters or anarchists.

10. People will be arrested for no reason and not given medical care. That includes medication for non protest related things. I remember having a friend get arrested and then held for 24 hours without access to his kidney medicine (he was later released without charge). The police will hold the protestors for a while and then release them because “no papers were filed”. This removes people from the protest and keeps them from having a coherent and continuous force. You can try to sue but chances are it will cost thousands of dollars and you won’t get much in return.

11. “free speech zones” aka you can protest over here until you actually are ok with that then we will move you out of there for “causing a disturbance”

12. Police officers from out of town will be bused in because local cops may go “to easy” on protestors.

This is excellent insight.